Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) of the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) for the HCMBOK® Training and Certification Program

Organizational Change Management Training and Certification Program

HCMBOK Certified Professional

Consult here for upcoming trainings for the level of certification HCMBOK Certified Professional :

City Date [+]
Kuala Lumpur 12/Dec/2016 Enrollment here
Guayaquil 12/Dec/2016 Enrollment here
Singapore 13/Dec/2016 Enrollment here
Bali 14/Dec/2016 Enrollment here
Madrid 15/Dec/2016 Enrollment here
Johannesburg 11/Jan/2017 Enrollment here
Perth 16/Jan/2017 Enrollment here
Sydney 17/Jan/2017 Enrollment here

Human Change Management Professional

Consult here for upcoming trainings for the level of certification Human Change Management Professional :

City Date [+]
Madrid 19/Dec/2016 Enrollment here
Guayaquil 09/Jan/2017 Enrollment here
Johannesburg 13/Jan/2017 Enrollment here
Santo Domingo 07/Feb/2017 Enrollment here
San José 09/Feb/2017 Enrollment here
Perth 14/Feb/2017 Enrollment here
Santiago 08/Mar/2017 Enrollment here
São Paulo 29/Mar/2017 Enrollment here

HCMBOK® - Human Change Management Body of Knowledge
Practical, objective and can be integrated with any project methodology.
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Change Management Review™ Virtual Summit!

Change Management Review™ has brought together a great lineup, featuring ten leading Change Management practitioners, in a first-of-its-kind Virtual Summit. It runs October 25, 26, and 27.

Everyone who signs up now will get access to all 10 presentations, plus some … Veja mais

Stanley Fan - Inventory and Logistics Controller at CAPS Australia

“Change Management plays a vital role in supporting project management to drive supply chain optimisation. I greatly benefited from excellent Change Management training provided by Visagio. The trainer was very knowledgeable, and the workshop was very interesting and informative. HCMBOK® provides invaluable knowledge for all project leaders.”  Stanley Fan – Inventory and … Veja mais

Fátima Pires

For me it was the best course of management of organizational changes that participated. We find a lot of concepts on the market changes but nothing as practical as it is covered in the course and supplemented in the book … Veja mais

William de Miranda Barreto

The HCMBOK compared with existing approaches to change management brings innovations to provide specific steps that adhere to the consecutive stages of the PMBOK project management, providing project managers structured support for building commitment and employee motivation and corporate projects … Veja mais

Marcelo Vieira

After having managed several projects, all linked to the deployment of technology systems, I have no doubt that one of the biggest obstacles to success, if not the largest, is the resistance that the human being has to change. Prepare … Veja mais

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