Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) of the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) for the HCMBOK® Training and Certification Program

Our reason for being

The Reason Why We Exist

We believe the human component is the most complex to be managed in the evolution of organizations. For a change to be implemented and sustained in the organizational environment it must first take place in the human being, in the functional body, without which the organization will not work.

The Human Change Management Institute was born to promote excellence in managing the human factor in organizational changes, creating a solid base for a project to achieve its business objectives.

Our Knowledge Base

The HCMBOK® – Human Change Management Body of Knowledge is a guide of Change Management, comprising methodology, tools and good practices, the objective of which is to link the Organizational Change Management activities to the phases and typical management activities of any project.


The Human Change Management Institute was conceived as a result of the compilation of knowledge and experiences involving: Psychology, Information Technology, People Management, Organizational Development, Project Management, Social Sciences, Strategic Planning, Creativity Management and Innovation.

We do not claim this work to be exhaustive; we relied only on our knowledge and experience. We believe our knowledge base – HCMBOK® – will evolve from the collaboration from the community of change management professionals.

Our Mission

HUCMI was born to promote excellence in organizational change management.

Our Vision

We intend to share our organizational change management knowledge with leaders of all areas, HR, IT, Processes professionals and specially project managers and PMOs. Our dream is to see every single project considering the human factor as an essential component to achieve its business objectives.


  • Simplicity – Be simple to be effective;
  • Integrity - We are honest with others and ourselves;
  • Crowdsourcing – We encourage and enable individuals to contribute to the evolution of our knowledge base – HCMBOK;
  • Excellence – We are committed to deliver excellent services, learning continuously from the experience shared by our community of certified professionals and different sources of organizational change management knowledge;
  • Partnership - We are committed to be a fair partner;
  • Diversity - We learn from and respect the cultures in which we work.