Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) of the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) for the HCMBOK® Training and Certification Program

How to become a training center

The Training Centers are a reference in Organizational Change Management knowledge and professional qualification.

In order to ensure high quality teaching, the Training Centers use very strict selection criteria.  In addition, the Training Centers are continuously evaluated as to the results obtained by their students.

Basic criteria for applying to become a HUCMI-recognized Training Center:

  1. Be a legally constituted company with experience in project management or human resources;
  2. Have at least two HCMP (Human Change Management Professional)-certified professionals.

If you want to become a HUCMI Training Center, send an e-mail providing details on your qualification to contato@hucmi.com

Benefits of becoming a Training Center

Training Centers are centers of excellence in Organizational Change Management.

By becoming a TC your company gains visibility and prominence, and will be able to develop new business opportunities, not only in training but in consultancy as well.

The Training Centers receive support from the Human Change Management Institute to train their teams.  The Institute also provides the training material and makes your brand and training schedule widely known.